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Checkers is a game of elegance and depth. The Checkers board game is also known as Draughts. It is thought to have originated from an ancient game called Alquerque or Qirkat. Play against the computer or versus a friend:

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How to play Checkers

Press the play icon on the startup screen.

Select game mode: Play against a friend (2 player game) or play against the computer (1 player game).

Checkers game basics

The game is played by two opponents who faces each other on opposite sides of the checkers gameboard. One of the players has the dark colour pieces and the other one has the light colour pieces.

The two players alternate turns in the game. It is not legal to move an opponent’s piece. A player can move a piece diagonally to an adjacent unoccupied square. If one of the opponent’s pieces occupy that adjacent square, and the square immediately beyond it is vacant, the opponent’s piece may be captured and removed from the game by jumping over it.

When one of the pieces reaches the other side of the board (the row farthest from the player), called the “kings’ row” or “crownhead”, the piece will become “king” and is marked by adding an additional piece on top of it. In this online game, the kings are marked with a crown. Kings have the ability to move and capture backwards as well as forwards.

How to play checkers draughts

King: A black piece has travelled to the kings’ row and turned into a king.

Checkers rules

It is only legal to move pieces on the dark squares of the checkers board. A piece may move only diagonally into an unoccupied square and capturing an opponent’s piece is mandatory in most official rules. The player without pieces remaining, or who cannot move, loses the game.

Checkers rules

Checkers rules: Mandatory jump. It’s whites turn, and due to the black piece laying next to the marked white piece with a vacant square immediately beyond it, white is forced to jump over it and capture it.

Checkers Strategy

Dominating the Center: Just like in chess, control of the center is a critical aspect of Checkers. Pieces in the center can move more freely and have more options, making them more powerful.

Develop your pieces towards the center and try to maintain a solid structure. Avoid moving your pieces to the edges of the board where they have fewer options and are more easily trapped.

Strategic Sacrifices: Sometimes, sacrificing a piece can lead to a better position or even a chain of jumps. Learning when to sacrifice a piece can turn the tide of the game.

Prioritize Getting Kings. Kings are incredibly powerful in Checkers. Focus on crowning your pieces by safely navigating them to the opposite side of the board.

Form a Strong Defense. While offense is important, a good defense can be your best strategy, especially when ahead. Protect your pieces by keeping them in pairs or close to each other to prevent your opponent from jumping.

Create Multiple Threats. Try to position your pieces so that you can make multiple jumps or threaten more than one piece at a time. This can force your opponent into making difficult decisions.

Play Conservatively. If you’re ahead, there’s no need to take unnecessary risks. Instead, focus on solidifying your advantage and forcing your opponent into making mistakes.

Checkers board game history

A written mention of a game called Alquerque is found in the “Kitab al-Aghani”, a 10th-century encyclopedic collection of songs and poems. The Alquerque game was essentially similar to modern Draughts and Checkers games but played on a 5×5 board.
Some modern rules were added later, including the crowning of pieces to kings (13th century) and mandatory capture (16th century).

Checkers draughts history

Checkers history: Medieval Draughts players (Charles Knight)

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