Animal QUIZ

Welcome to Albert’s fun and exciting online quiz game! How quickly can you name these 9 creatures that are revealed bit by bit? Better select your answers quickly to get a top score:

Animal Quiz: General knowledge trivia quizzes about animals.
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About the Trivia Quizzes:

In «Albert’s Image Quiz Games» you will be presented with images that are initially covered up. When the quiz starts, the images are gradually revealed bit by bit while your points are counting down. Below the image you will find 4 alternative answers. Pick your answer as soon as you think you recognize the image. Quick answers give lots of points while late answers give less points. If your answer is wrong or if you do not answer before the image is fully revealed, you will get zero points for that image. Your award awaits at the end of the quiz, along with your statistics. This is a general knowledge quiz. Good luck!