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PUZZLE (pŭz′əl): Something, such as a game, toy, or problem, that requires ingenuity and often persistence in solving.

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Welcome to the best browser games for classic board game players. All content is free to use. There’s no login or registration.

The browser games open up as regular web pages. No installation or flash player needed. These are quick games that use little memory and they don’t have a lot of unnecessary options. Just the fun gameplay!

The built-in computer opponent in the board games plays at a medium skill level, so the games are suited for beginners and casual-level players (or elite players who like to win). He will try to outsmart you with various tactics, but he doesn’t think too far ahead. Sometimes he’s hard to beat but sometimes he makes mistakes too, so there is some fun involved. These are great board games for kids.

Free Apps for your phone or tablet

Some of the games are also available for download to smartphones and tablets. Watch out for the App Store and Play Store badges on the game pages. See free Android Games or See free Apple iOS Games